NIKKI W - Fairway Birdies Founder. The importance of Mental Performance from grass roots to club golf | TMMG PODCAST EP15

Nikki from Fairway Birdies.

We chat all things golf and mental performance on the course with Nikki Wilson, Founder of Melbourne Golf Blog Fairway Birdies. Nikki has been largely responsible to introducing hundreds of ladies to the game of golf by embracing the fun, healthy and social benefits of the game. As well, Nikki is heavily invested in the club scene. So it is fair to say that she has experienced golf across a wide variety of golfers. So it was awesome to chat to Nikki about her experience and how valuable developing a strong association with the Mental Game has helped her both as an advocate of the game and an experienced player.

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Jamie Glazier has worked in the area of Mental Performance Coaching for over 15 years and has worked with golf professionals, elite amateurs and club golfers across Australia, Europe, and the USA. A single figure lefty golfer and former elite-level tennis player Jamie's experience and insights will inspire and enlighten.

Ross Flannigan is a golf business owner, host of The My Love Of Golf Podcast and single figure golfer. Experienced in business coaching he has experienced golf around the globe and by his own admission is a golfer whose mental golf performance game needs work.

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